By John Leitch
Posted: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 - 10:41


There was sunshine throughout the session apart from a 15-minute downpour.
So during that time we all dived under the handy covered zone, muscled away the two dads who were working away (or so it seemed) on their laptops, and did a ‘stop-box’ challenge as it hardly needs any space.
The riders had to move forwards as slowly as possible and were timed from the moment they entered the stop-box to the moment they came out the far side…. with anyone who fell off sideways (or put a foot on the floor) didn’t log a time.

Janith has booked some anti-gravity boots for Christmas, his current ones are over-magnetised. 

It should be noted that happily no-one fell off sideways.
The times after two attempts:
10sec – Daniel Warhurst
7.8sec – Aston Gayle
5.6sec – Annabel Canning
4.8sec – Maddie Adlam
4.4sec – Pranjay Zharotia
3.6sec – Max Nahom
3.2sec – Harry Adshead
I had the mad masses before the sun went behind the clouds, and Paul Wright took over the reins afterwards.


John Leitch