By John Leitch
Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 10:30


Kim Canning, our secretary, had a busy time on Sunday as Raiders of all shapes and sizes (well parents when it comes to shapes) came pouring in for more excitement of riding on the track with a fixed-wheel bike under them.


We had a limit of 30.


Many of the tally made it last autumn (the first time round) but we did have four first-timers at Herne Hill on Sunday (young Raiders) plus three parents also taking the plunge.


They all did well.


The exercises made full use of the two hours of exclusive track time, with either the 'skilled' group up on the track or the novice group.


You don't have to stand idle and twiddle your thumbs when you're not up there, as they've built an shorter, innner loop to practice skills like riding in pairs, coming close until you touch the next rider's hand, or coming shoulder-to-shoulder.




The rider in black/in disguise is an experienced track enthusiast, Joshua Golliker, and he's coming flying past the opposite team (seen in the background) and he still has another half-lap to complete.


Riders were split evenly into two teams and positioned half-a-lap apart, up on the top rail.


When the team's first rider had completed a lap, the second person was allowed off... and so on.


We had an odd number in total, so Alistair Canning was the lucky rider... he had to do two laps to even things up.


It turned out to be a good balance as the event took about 15mins to complete and the result was a difference of under two seconds.


Also in the picture Louis McLeod and Ben Elliot (both now taller than their parents) and our chairwoman Amanda Beattie.