By John Leitch
Posted: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 20:50

Welcome to several new faces who came to our weekend session…. and we hope you'll come back for more.

It was another 'divide into three groups not two' session….. so another sandwich with coach Paul Wright as the top slice (with younger riders) and Sean Lamberth as the bottom slice (with the older riders) and me with the filling (jam, cheese or whatever) in the middle.

First off for us was the bin race. It was long overdue. Just three laps round two ‘bins’ but as the surface was still wet it called for first laying out semi-circles of markers to force riders into braking on the straight rather than on the bend.

They wanted more, so we did more.

Then the slow race, with no dabbing of a foot on the ground after the halfway point. The result was a handful of riders who got quite close to being able to manage track stands (ie hovering/balancing on the spot without moving forwards or backwards).

A modified version of Le Mans racing triggered a lot of noise… especially when it was the parents who had to first run a lap before tagging their rider.

Freewheeling came on the agenda next….. down the slop one level, then circle two cones without pedalling or braking.

‘Do you think you can manage coming down two levels?’ Yes came the reply.

‘Do you think you can manage coming down three levels?’ Yes came the reply once again. Well done riders.

Final race: four laps, handicap, all riders on the middle level.

1 Alex
2 Thomas
3 Oli