Wanted...you and your bike!

If you are interested in coming to our sessions please email our secretary in the first instance


The club is currently operating under the guidance of British Cycling's 'Way Forward' plan. As a result we are limited in the numbers of participants we can accomodate so we are unable to accept new members at the present time. Please contact us before attending a session if you haven't ridden with Redhill Raiders before

What is Redhill Raiders?

A cycling club for juniors formed back in 2008 that offers coaching and events in the East Surrey area focused on Reigate and Redhill area. For details of our Committee and the policies we comply with - including our Code of Conduct - please visit our Committee Page.

When do we meet up?

The main session is held fortnightly on Sunday from 12pm to 1:15pm. We also run other session, e.g. for older ages, on weekday evenings. We also encourage club members to take part in Go-Ride events run by other clubs such.


For our younger riders (typically aged 5-12 years), we meet at Surrey County Council's 'Woodhatch' site in Reigate (previously Canon UK Headquarters). This provides a traffic free environment in which the coaches can tailor their course layouts to the activities they are running. Sometimes our older riders will head out along a local cycle path with coaches and parents to stretch their legs a little more.

Take the main road (A217) south from Reigate town centre, climb the hill and as you start to descend towards the traffic lights at Woodhatch, the entrance is on the left between two high stone walls.

Postal Address:
SCC Woodhatch, Cockshot Hill,Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8AN

We also use outside venues for rides for older riders (typically aged 10-17). We use a circuit on quieter roads (for road bikes) and there are group rides on tracks (for MTB bikes).

What ages are catered for at Canon?

Typically age 5 - 12 years.

Is the start age of five years rigid?

No, if the child can cycle before that age then please come along.... we've even had advanced three-year-olds pedalling round! All we ask is that you have pedals on your bike and you don't have stabilisers.

What do you offer for older riders with a road bike?

We have training rides on a short, 2-mile loop using quiet public roads round Leigh at monthly intervals. Riders do repeat laps, with rests where necessary. Riders divide into ability groups and ride at a suitable pace. Our Head Coach John organises these.

There are also hill-climb sessions at half-term and term-end based on the private road up to Norbury Sawmill.

For those interested in visiting Cyclopark at Gravesend, there are monthly British Cycling organised 'Club Cluster' session taking place on the 1st Saturday of the month. With other riders from numerous clubs in the area, typically several Raiders go along and join in.

What do you offer for older riders with a mountain bike?

We offer led MTB rides each month, weather dependent.

The led rides are family rides so parents are needed, both to accompany their child and to take responsibility for any friend that comes along with their own son/daughter. Suitable clothing is essential especially in the colder months.

What do we need for all our sessions?

  1. A bike! any bike but preferably in working order (with pedals & without stabilisers)
  2. A helmet - properly fitted
  3. Clothing with no flappy parts on the lower leg that can get snagged by the chain/pedals and suitable for the prevailing weather!
  4. Gloves or mitts (preferably) to protect your hands and keep those small fingers warm in the colder months
  5. A parental consent form (available on the day)

Will there be a proper coach at Canon sessions?

Yes. Always.

What qualifications do the Raiders coaches have?

Our Head Coach, John Leitch, is a British Cycling Level 3 Coach and has been coaching for over 10 years. He coaches individuals who race. Sean Lamberth, Peter Loader and Alan Gayle are qualified as British Cycling Level 2 coaches. New coaches Tom Griffiths and Richard Bradford are British Cycling Level 1 coaches.

Why did you form the Raiders?

Because there are lots of youngsters in the schools in this area who want to improve their skills on a bike. Many also have been inspired by our Olympic track and Tour de France road race riders and hope to compete nor or in the future! By meeting and riding in a space that is free from traffic, we offer them the chance to work on bike handling skills such as:

  • Weaving through cones
  • Riding with one hand
  • Picking up a drink bottle
  • Riding close together in groups
  • Stopping stationary in a box for a few seconds or going under a limbo pole!

...and experience from other similar clubs tells us that riders usually want to end the sessions with a race, in one shape or form.

Do you have links to any other cycling organisation?

Yes. We were created by members of Redhill Cycling Club, our parent club.
We are also a British Cycling accredited Go-Ride Club since 2012. This accreditation confirms that Redhill Raiders meets with all Go Ride's formal requirements in areas such as Coaching, Safeguarding and Risk Management.

Do you have a child welfare officer and who is it?

Yes. Please see our Committee Page for details

What do I need to know about parental consent?

If you are a parent bringing your youngster, you can sign a parental consent form on the day. If you are bringing not the parent/guardian for a child your are bringing to a session, you might like to fill one in beforehand (they can be downloaded from the British Cycling website) or go our Policies, Forms & Downloads page.

Can my child come to a session with friend and their parent/guardian?

Yes, provided we have a Parental Consent form completed by you for your child.

I come with my child can I leave them to go off for a bike ride myself (or even to do a sneaky bit of shopping)?

Parents should remain at the session in order to provide support and encouragement for their child. It has also been know for the Coaches to enlist parents help in running some of the activities the children are doing!

What is the normal price?

Membership is via termly sign up and any prospective new riders should contact our secretary Kim Canning on the first instance

Do all the sessions finish at exactly 1:15pm?

No. It depends on the weather and also on the number of riders who want to take part in the final races. We do try our best though to aim for 1:15pm.

I see new members have to be able to ride a bike, does it matter if they wobble?

No. We'll help them smooth that out and develop their skills and confidence.

But what if my child can't yet ride a bike, do you know anyone who can help?

Yes. We don't have the coaching capacity at Redhill Raiders to offer one-to-one teaching, but some one of our parents have used a private coach's services.
Jonathan Spearman-Oxx

How can I get more information on Redhill Raiders?

You can contact any of our Coaches. Their details are on the Contacts page