Sunday, June 10, 2018 - 09:00 to 13:00

Go-Ride Racing Event

Go-Ride Racing helps riders under the age of 16 to rapidly develop their skills, confidence and fitness in an enjoyable, no-pressure environment – regardless of
ability or any previous racing experience. roll up and give one or more of our this seasons Go Ride Events a try. We will have at least one coach at each event - Paul Wright this time - and you are welcome to go to any or all of the events.

There will be a leaderboard through the season for each club taking part and probably a final in the Autumn. It's great fun and there are medals to be won. Each event will have its' own discipline, so if you have more than one bike it could either be a mountain bike or road bike event. This one is a Cyclocross/Mountain Bike event.

Being hosted by WyndyMilla Cycling Club and held at a local school in the Guildford area; further details to come nearer the time.

Sign on likely to be 9am onwards with first race at 10am.