By John Leitch
Posted: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 11:01

Surprise - there was a slight smattering white stuff on the footpaths at Canon, even the south-facing footpaths, and as couple of the more experienced people told me it was snow, or the remnants of snow.

But on our zones of use all was clear, in fact much of it was bone-dry thanks to the warmth of the sun.

Coach Paul Wright and a group of parents went up the hill with the younger group to Level 2.

I had the rest of the fighting-fits on the longer stretch that is Level 1.

With two engines on hand, the plan was several exercises based on rider in pairs, making a train, but the train kept coming uncoupled and the result of that was only a mixed success until we settled into ‘black flagging’ the pair immediately behind the engines.

The chosen two had to stop and wait for a whistle before sprinting off and trying to catch up with the back of the train….. with a (much) longer delay for the stronger riders.

Next up was the ‘last parking space’ where with two teams, a rider sets off, makes complete circles of two individual cones and then arrives at the parking space, hoping to find he/she is ahead of the rider from the second team…. the issue being that there is only space to park for one bike.

Moving on, we had a challenge of riding out to a far cone and turning and them coming back through a maze of cones without knocking any of them over.

Only two weaved their charm well enough to avoid the yellow pointed perils: Mackenzie Fowler and Alister Millar…. well done you two.

Final race for older riders – five laps, handicap start.

1 Mackenzie Fowler

2 Henry Jacques

3 Ella Dabrowski.