By John Leitch
Posted: Monday, February 12, 2018 - 19:18

Today's launch of the Zwift hill challenge on Leith Hill....not the real thing but indoors on a virtual (but realistic) world, kicked off in style for Ben as we took the opportunity to present him with the trophy for his achievements over the past year (in particular) but also in recognition of his tenacity and involvement in Raiders over many previous years.

It is the first time we have had three cups as we now have a healthy group of senior riders... and Ben carried off the new trophy..... so well done.

Citation for Ben:

Ben has been a regular face at our sessions for many years, right from the time when he was one of the youngest riders who came fortnightly to our playground sessions at Furzefield School, Merstham.

As Ben grew older he became a regular face at the sessions on the quiet roads at Leigh and he was our first regular Redhill Raider to get on the wooden boards at the London velodrome at Go-Ride sessions on early Sunday mornings for track riders.

A regular for many years at Cyclopark for the Power Pack sessions, Ben has more recently been going to mid-week evening training sessions at Cyclopark on Tuesdays with the region’s stronger riders and he has tried his hand at racing.

In the summer Ben holds his own with adults from Redhill CC who race and who come to Leigh on Tuesday evenings to train and so travelling at quite a high speed.

Ben is quiet-spoken and dependable. He always tries his hardest, making him one of the most pleasing riders to coach.