By John Leitch
Posted: Sunday, January 7, 2018 - 15:56

We have upgraded the system for 2017, going from two trophies to three so that we can have two awards made to the group who come to Canon, that is to say the younger riders, plus a third one for the older riders.

This third trophy is still in the process of being smelted... so more on that later.

Ella was presented with her award today.

Coach Sean Lamberth read out the citation:

Ella joined Raiders from Sutton Cycling Club and we’re so pleased she did!

From the first session she arrived, Ella has consistently worked hard to become quicker and technically more and more skilful and can easily and often be a leader and winner in Canon sessions.

Moving quickly and effortlessly to clipless pedals and handling twitchy racing frames with ease whilst smiling all the time even when it might be a liittle too cold and slippy.

She is great to have around, not only great fun to coach, but also really liked by her team mates and looked up to by the little ones, especially the girls.

She has competed for Raiders this year at Cyclopark and at the Guildford Town races. Recently she went to Olympic Park Velodrome and witnessed Katie Archibald winning. This has inspired her further and she did her first indoor velodrome session on the same boards as Katie back in December.

And if all that isn’t enough for her, not only does she ride as part of John’s ‘Green’ group around the roads of Leigh etc, plus I hear she has also been invited by Peter Farnfield (chairman of Redhill Cycling Club) to ride with them to get some endurance and mileage to add to her list!

Really, really well done and congratulations Ella!

Here’s to next year, from all at Raiders.