By John Leitch
Posted: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 16:01


That was a busy session, made busier by the opening bout of mass-lapping by everyone on a short skills circuit with a tight, narrow bend coned of at one end and the pleasures of a limbo bar to duck under at the other end.


Alex Wright was on hand as chief mathematician (putting in a few hours as part of his Duke of Edinburgh’s voluntary service). There wer a few minuses to allow for…. cones knocked over at one end ( minus one lap) and four times the limbo bar unhooked (five laps deducted for each of those).


Paul Wright (his dad) was coaching the smaller individuals from then on while I had the big cheeses.


With a couple of engines available (ie parents with bikes) it was possible to divide the older group into two lines of five, each behind their own engine, the trains running half-a-lap apart.


A whistle was the signal for the rider immediately behind the ending to sprint ahead and join the back of the other train.


Next the two engines rode side-by-side and the riders were also in pairs. Riding one-handed, the other hand on the shoulder of the rider next to them proved comfortable for some… but petrifying for others.


One to work on again next time.


That brought us to the maze where individuals rode out to a turning point, then on their return faced the challenge of making it through a maze of cones…. which kept moving/getting harder… so quite daunting one way or another.


Final races – older riders, younger group – five laps handicap


1 Luka Ferma

2 Cooper Lang

3 Janith Gabrielsen



Final races – older riders, older group – 10 laps handicap


1 Daniel Warhurst

2 Stanley Loxton-Beed

3 needs a re-run


My tally of who overtook who… and the riders version of who overtook who, or should that be didn’t catch who have differences…. best resolved next time round.